Orkana Apartments is the fruit of unanimous cooperation between five companies highly regarded in the industry. At the design stage and during all executive works they jointly cared about giving to the future tenants an ideal place, unpretentious, graceful and friendly to residents and their guests.

P a r t n e r s

Founded by architect Hernan Gomez, Studio Gomez has been designing and implementing its projects in Warsaw, Poland, and abroad for over 20 years. They have designed hundreds of houses, residences, buildings and entire housing estates, as well as countless interior designs, including furniture design.



Artkam Kamila Sitak's interior design studio was established in 2021. Its distinctive feature is the individual approach to each client, regardless of the nature of the investment. Whether we are talking about the private or commercial sector, the result of Artkam's work is always "beauty of form and genius of action".


pasa design

Pasa Design studio has been operating since 2011, successfully implementing landscape architecture projects. They are distinguished by a special respect for the context that surrounds the designed investments. The designers understand the needs of the surroundings, take care of every last detail and believe in the meaning that can be given to a place through sensible design.


Delta Light is a market leader dictating trends in architectural lighting. The company is known worldwide for its innovative concepts and its ability to create a blend of subtle ambiance, elegance, functionality and design in both interior and exterior lighting.


The reputation of Lions Estate is proved not only by numerous recommendations and Customers' opinions but also by awards, including the title of Premium Real Estate Market Leader 2020 and Top Quality Customer Service Leader 2021.